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Route Planner

Travel Time & Distance Calculator

Total Drive:

The See and Do NZ Route Planner shows New Zealand’s main driving routes and is designed to help you plan your holiday.

Have fun looking at distances and times between destinations and adding them up to see how long it will take you to travel between destinations.

The scenic videos are represented as dots to show

  • Destinations– in blue

  • Areas along the way – in yellow.

How to use the planner:

  • Hover over each route route and the distance and travel time will pop up for the highlighted of road.

  • Click on the ‘Save Route’ button and you can save distances and times to the calculator to add up sections of roads for longer distances.

  • Just Click to remove any routes in your saved box to alter your plan.

  • Hover over any of the dots for the scenic video and click on the link to the video to watch.

Also check out your favourite activities on the See and Do New Zealand pages to choose amazing experiences to plan your trip around.

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