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Welcome to, your ultimate guide to exploring the breath-taking beauty of New Zealand. As a proud New Zealand company, we are driven by our passion to assist you in discovering all the hidden gems and must-visit destinations across our stunning country.

With our extensive collection of videos, NZ activities and attractions, and local tourist information on each area, we aim to inspire and guide you in planning amazing trips to the best places in New Zealand.

Find Inspiration with Captivating NZ Videos

Immerse yourself in our vast collection of videos, showcasing the best of New Zealand's hidden gems and must-visit destinations. Let our videos inspire you to embark on amazing trips, uncovering the secrets of each region and making the most of every opportunity. We are here to ensure that every day in New Zealand can become a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

You can also sit back and watch whole regional videos on our complimentary SeeAndDo.TV!

Discover New Zealand with Our Interactive Map

Discover New Zealand's diversity with our interactive map. Watch videos showcasing each area's highlights, enabling you to make informed decisions about where to find activities and attractions that match your interests.

Plan your perfect adventure with ease on PC, determine distances and travel times with our ‘Travel Time and Distance Calculator’. Print and email your route ideas for reference or share with your friends.

Navigate, Explore, and Book Your Perfect Adventures with Easy Search Options

Embark on a personalised journey as you search by region, area, your favourite activity or by map to uncover the best attractions scattered throughout the stunning landscapes of New Zealand.

Our platform offers varied search options, allowing you to tailor your exploration to your preferences.

Enhance Your Adventure with Comprehensive Tourist Information and Local Insights

Unlock the Secrets of New Zealand with our platform's comprehensive tourist information about each region throughout New Zealand. Gain in-depth insights into the cultural, natural, and historical highlights of every area.

Explore with confidence, armed with detailed information about attractions, activities, and local recommendations. Immerse yourself in the full experience of each region, allowing you to create unforgettable memories and make the most of your New Zealand exploration.

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Maximise your time and optimise your New Zealand adventure with our exclusive Online Customer Itinerary. Seamlessly integrated into our platform, this feature assists you in finding additional activities that perfectly align with your available schedule. Make the most of your time by utilising your Customer Itinerary, to help you find additional activities in the area that perfectly fit your available schedule.

Earn Rewards for FREE Trips!

Join our exclusive "Rewards" program as a valued customer. With every 10 trips you complete, you unlock the opportunity to choose one for FREE from your rewards page. Discover the wonders of New Zealand and enjoy the added incentive of earning free experiences along the way. Start your journey today and make the most of our amazing rewards program, designed to enhance your exploration and create lasting memories.

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At, we prioritize your peace of mind. When you book with us, your payment is securely held in a separate account until your booking is completed. If you need to cancel, we've got you covered. Our dedicated support team is readily available to assist you, ensuring a seamless cancellation process and prompt refunds. Relax and book with confidence, knowing that we've got your back every step of the way.

Nationwide Network of SeeAndDoNZ Booking Agents for Seamless Adventures

Experience a seamless booking process with our extensive network of SeeAndDoNZ booking agents located throughout New Zealand. Whether you choose to book online or through one of our trusted agents, you can expect the same level of streamlined service. Your ticket will be promptly emailed to you, and all your bookings will be conveniently available for viewing in your online account. They will seamlessly integrate into your itinerary, ensuring your plans stay organised and easily accessible.

What's more, you'll earn rewards for every booking through all booking outlets, and our up-to-date online information will keep you informed about the status of your bookings.

Embrace the flexibility of booking your New Zealand adventure online or through our nationwide network of SeeAndDoNZ booking agents, ensuring a hassle-free and unforgettable experience.

Choose your preferred booking method and rest assured that we are committed to providing an exceptional experience for your New Zealand adventure.