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Silent electric boat hire on the Kerikeri River, Bay of Islands

Silent electric boat hire...

Explore the beautiful Kerikeri river on a silent electric boat. No boating experience required!

Westland Wonderland 40 minute HELIMAX movie

Westland Wonderland 40 mi...

Westland Wonderland is a 40 minute HELIMAX screen movie of South-West New Zealand, the las ......

Half Day Cruise & Island Tour - Cruise, Snorkel, Paddleboard, Hike, Explore!

Half Day Cruise & Isl...

Discover the Bay of Islands on a small group tour. Scenic cruise through 144 sub-tropical ......

Full day Intro to Rock Climbing

Full day Intro to Rock Cl...

It’s no surprise that our ‘Introduction To Rock Climbing’ is our most popular trip. ......

Top Activities

Milford Sound Fly Cruise Fly

Activity LocationMilford Sound, Fiordland

Take off from Queenstown, and fly above the rugged backcountry of Lake Wakatipu and Central Otago, before heading westwa ...



NZ $645.00 Book Now  


Activity LocationQueenstown

Indulge Mobile Spa delivers the best massage in Queenstown. Winners of Luxury Travel Guide’s Mobile Massage Service of ...



NZ $130.00 Book Now  

Nature at Night

Activity LocationSouthland

A small group tour to explore nature in the night time. Encounter long-tailed bats, experience a colony of luminescent g ...



NZ $160.00 Book Now  

Karioi Canyoning

Activity LocationHamilton & Waikato

Come and experience the adventure everyone is talking about. Karioi Canyoning is an adrenaline-pumping journey that happ ...



NZ $139.00 Book Now  

Waiatoto River Safari

Activity LocationHaast, West Coast

Embark on the only jet boat tour in New Zealand that takes you from the Ocean to the Alps within a UNESCO World Heritage ...



NZ $239 Book Now  

PRIVATE - Milford Sound Scenic Overhead Heli trip with Middle Earth Waterfalls Heli Hike and Lunch

Activity LocationQueenstown

Your scenic flight will take you above rainforest-covered valleys, past spectacular alpine lakes and mountain ranges, wi ...



NZ $9750.00 Book Now  

Stand Up Paddleboard Hire at Days Bay

Activity LocationLower Hutt, Wellington

Hire a stand up paddleboard (SUP) and enjoy a relaxing paddle around Days Bay. Suitable for kids and adults up to 100kg



NZ $25.00 Book Now  

Urban Axe Throwing at Sweet Axe Throwing Co.

Activity LocationDowntown Auckland, Auckland

Unleash your inner Viking! Get ready to get pumped ​with an axe-perience unlike any other! Sweet Axe Throwing Co is N ...



NZ $50.00 Book Now  

Godley Head walking tour- Start/finish Chrsitchurch

Activity LocationChristchurch, Canterbury

Guided walking tour of Godley Head- Rich in history and scattered with remnants of New Zealand’s WW2 defences, this is ...



NZ $899.00 Book Now  

Tūhura Otago Museum Science Centre Day Pass

Activity LocationDunedin

Come visit the largest science centre in New Zealand. With a Tropical Forest filled with live exotic butterflies, and lo ...



NZ $20 Book Now  

Coach House Museum

Activity LocationPalmerston North, Manawatu

Welcome to our world class museum, home to an outstanding collection of rural New Zealand heritage, showcasing over 140 ...



NZ $15 Book Now  


Activity LocationRotorua

Departing our City Lakefront pier experience the thrill of a floatplane take off, before climbing above Mokoia Island on ...



NZ $310.00 Book Now  

Private Vineyard Tour by car

Activity LocationBlenheim, Marlborough

Journey through the vines to explore the Cloudy Bay terroir and gain insight into what creates the flavours and aromas o ...



NZ $250.00 Book Now  

Escape Rooms Tauranga

Activity LocationTauranga, Bay Of Plenty

Escape rooms are real-life games whereby you and your team will be placed in a themed room of your choice. In order to � ...



NZ $35.00 Book Now  

Wild Hills Off Road Safari

Activity LocationWanaka

Words fail to describe how utterly spectacular this 4WD adventure through West Wanaka High Country Station is. Wild and ...



NZ $260.00 Book Now  

About New Zealand

Experience the natural wonder of New Zealand and find things to do with all the top attractions and activities in every Region. From the North Island to the South Island and over 700 smaller islands, New Zealand covers 268,021 square kilometers of diverse and stunning landscape filled with natural attractions and a diverse selection of things to see and do. Located in the South Pacific Ocean, east of Australia, and near the Pacific Islands, New Zealand is a must-see destination filled with world class attractions.

Discover the many rich cultural heritage attractions and things to do throughout New Zealand, a country that was one of the last to be discovered and settled. The friendly and welcoming local people have a unique western culture shaped by the influence of Māori, European, Pacific Island, and Asian immigration. This blend of cultures has created a distinctive Kiwi culture with its own Pacific flavour offering unique experiences and attractions which enrich New Zealand's extraordinarily diverse and stunning landscape.

Experience the convenience of travelling in New Zealand for English speakers with English being the predominant language spoken by 95.4% of the population.

Plan your next adventure in New Zealand finding things to do with videos showing each area around the country and the top activities listed below showing the wide range of activities and tour packages available, from hiking and adventure sports to cultural and historical tours. Immerse yourself in the beautiful landscapes, rich culture, and friendly people when you visit New Zealand.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to explore and find the many things to do in New Zealand's North and South Islands, with their numerous smaller islands and diverse geography. Book your activities and attractions for your trip to New Zealand with our secure booking system and experience the unique blend of cultures that have shaped the Kiwi way of life and the natural beauty of this South Pacific paradise during your stay.

Many activities and attractions are outdoors amongst stunning mountains and lakes in New Zealand
A panoramic view of New Zealand's stunning landscapes, featuring snow-capped mountains, and a tranquil lake in the foreground. New Zealand's natural beauty and diversity, showcases the unique blend of flora and fauna that can be found in New Zealand creating many activities and unique things to do.

New Zealand Wildlife and plants

Discover the best of New Zealand with our top activities and tours to experience the many things to do around NZ nature and wildlife. This unique island nation, isolated from the rest of the world for over 80 million years, is home to an incredible array of indigenous plants, insects, and birds that can be visited in many wildlife park attractions and nature experiences. With 33.4% of its land area legally protected for conservation, New Zealand offers a chance to experience some of the world's most rare and diverse wildlife.

Explore the diverse birdlife of New Zealand, including the iconic Kiwi, which is large and flightless at many wildlife experiences and encounters being one of the most popular things to do. Go on a whale and dolphin watching activity tour and see several dozen species of these magnificent creatures, including the small and endemic Hector's dolphin. Take a seal or sea lion tour or visit natural attractions and encounter seven species of these fascinating animals.

New Zealand has no native land animals other than native bats! being an isolated island for millions of years. visit bird sanctuaries and wildlife attractions with different native species around New Zealand while enjoying the unique and peaceful natural environment.

Don't miss the opportunity to experience these unique attractions on land and around the New Zealand coastline. Book all your things to do in New Zealand today and discover the best the country has to offer, from top-rated wildlife tours to exciting outdoor activities.

New Zealand gannet colonies are popular destinations and wildlife attractions to experience unique New Zealand wildlife
A breathtaking sunset view of a gannet colony in New Zealand, showing the birds perched on rocky cliffs overlooking the ocean. The vibrant orange and pink hues of the sunset provide a stunning backdrop to photo activities by the colony, being one of the very popular things to do in Auckland and Hawkes Bay highlighting the grace and beauty of these seabirds. The colony is a popular destination for wildlife enthusiasts and birdwatchers looking to experience the unique wildlife of New Zealand.

What are New Zealand's Main Cities

Explore the top cities of New Zealand with our top-rated activities and tours. New Zealand's largest cities include Auckland and Wellington in the North Island, Christchurch in the South Island, and 17 other cities, most of which are in the North Island. These cities have many popular attractions and activities to book. The North Island is the most populous island with a total of 3,519,800 people, followed by the South Island with 1,076,300 people, and the third is the Waiheke Island with a population of 8900.

Experience the best of New Zealand's cities filled with things to do, with a great mix of culture, history, nature, and cuisine. Enjoy world-class shopping, exceptional dining, local award-winning wine tours and craft beer tours, night market adventures, and interesting food truck experiences. There are many attractions, fun activities, and great things to do all over New Zealand, such as museum attractions, art galleries, theaters, boutique galleries, skydiving activities, zoos, boating tours and activities, and many other water activities, hiking, biking and more all never too far from harbours, beaches, islands, native bush, or stunning mountain vistas.

Discover the unique culture and history of New Zealand's cities, from the bustling metropolis of Auckland to the charming capital of Wellington, and the picturesque South Island city of Christchurch. With so many top-rated activities and things to do, you'll never run out of things to see and do in New Zealand's cities. Book your trip today and explore the best of New Zealand's cities!

Auckland city in New Zealand with many attractions, activities and great things to do
A mesmerizing night-time view of Auckland city in New Zealand, taken from the harbour showcasing the beauty and energy of the city at night, highlighting the bustling metropolis that is Auckland and capturing the vibrant lights reflecting on the water. The Sky Tower, the city's iconic landmark, is visible in the background, standing tall against the dark sky.

New Zealand Landscape

New Zealand is a top destination with awesome things to do for adventure tourism, set amongst its incredible diversity of landscapes and activities. With over 1,600 kilometers of coastline, visitors can explore stunning beaches, towering rocks, rugged mountains, and the many activities and attractions to be found there. The country's marine life is also a highlight, offering the opportunity for many activities to offer swimming with an array of marine life.

In New Zealand, you can experience different types of landscapes and attractions in one day. Whether it's skiing activities in the morning in the mountains or swimming in the sea in the afternoon, you can have it all in New Zealand. The country is home to incredible activities amongst towering mountain ranges, beautiful glaciers, picturesque fiords, vast plains, rolling hills, subtropical rainforests, native bush, and a truly unique volcanic plateau attractions. This makes New Zealand one of the best places to explore and experience a wide range of things to do. With so much to offer, it's no wonder it's a top 10 destination for adventure seekers and nature lovers alike.

Things to do in New Zealand include hiking and walking as a main activity amongst stunning landscapes
A serene and peaceful image of rolling hills in New Zealand, captured at dusk. The light fog adds a mystical and ethereal quality to the scene, with the soft hues of the setting sun casting a warm glow over the landscape. The photo showcases the natural beauty of the New Zealand countryside, with the rolling hills and lush greenery creating a sense of tranquility and seclusion.

New Zealand's South Island

The South Island of New Zealand is a top destination for adventure and tourism, known for its breathtaking natural wonders. The island is home to the magnificent Southern Alps, which feature glaciers, deep fiords, lakes, and stunning waterfalls offering a huge amount of attractions and things to do. The highest mountain in the region is Aoraki/Mount Cook, a major New Zealand must see attraction standing at 3,724 meters (12,218 ft). The largest glacier and one of the main attractions in the area is the Tasman glacier, which can be viewed with a short walk from the Mount Cook village or a highly recommended and incredible helicopter activity to view spectacular sights from the air.

Some of New Zealand's top attractions are the most famous glaciers, the Franz Josef and Fox Glacier on the South Island's West Coast. These spectacular glaciers, gouged out by moving ice over thousands of years, offer a wide range of activities, including guided ice hiking, climbing, and scenic helicopter flights.

The South Island mountains are also home to many activities with very popular things to do such as skiing, ice skating, and lake kayaking on mirror-smooth lakes, all with incredible photo opportunities. Whether you're looking for outdoor activities, scenic views, or a winter sports vacation, The South Island offers some of the best experiences in New Zealand. With so much to offer, it's no wonder it's a top destination for adventure seekers and nature lovers alike.

The South Island of New Zealand has incredible mountainous attractions with activities and things to do
A majestic and awe-inspiring image of the top of snowy hills in the South Island of New Zealand, set against a clear blue sky. The photo captures the beauty and grandeur of the New Zealand's Southern alps, with the snow-capped peaks towering above the surrounding landscape. The stark contrast of the white snow against the deep blue sky creates a striking and dramatic image that highlights the raw natural beauty of New Zealand's South Island.

New Zealand’s North Island

The North Island of New Zealand is an incredible destination for adventure and tourism, known for its unique thermal activity and many volcanoes. The highly active Rotorua and Taupo areas form a Volcanic Zone in the central North Island, offering an unforgettable experience. This large volcanic plateau includes the North Island's highest mountain, Mount Ruapehu (2,797 meters (9,177 ft)). The plateau also hosts the country's largest lake, Lake Taupo , created by one of the world's most active supervolcanoes. This whole area is a stunning attraction with many activities and things to do.

The volcanic areas in the North Island are famous for their unique attractions and activities with natural hot springs, bubbling mud, geysers, and other geological wonders. These attractions offer guided experiences for tourists and are a must-do while visiting New Zealand. Whether you're looking for outdoor activities, scenic views, or unique experiences, the North Island offers some of the best sights, activities and things to do in the country. With so much to offer, these attractions create a top destination for adventure seekers and nature lovers alike.

North Island New Zealand features stunning beaches with many activities and water based things to do.
A picture-perfect image of a stunning medium-sized beach in New Zealand's North Island. The photo captures the clear blue water, white sandy beach and the natural beauty of the rocks on either side with swimming and snorkeling amongst the popular things to do in these areas. The hilly area in the background adds to the serene and picturesque view of the beach, highlighting the natural contrast between the ocean and the land. A perfect spot for a relaxing day of swimming, sunbathing and enjoying the natural beauty of New Zealand's North Island beaches.

New Zealand’s Climate

New Zealand is a top destination for adventure and tourism, known for its diverse climate and wide range of activities. With temperatures ranging from hot to cool, the country offers many things to do in every season. The hottest months are January and February, with the top of the North Island averaging 26/16 ˚C (75/59˚F) and the bottom of the South Island being the coolest area at average 19/11 ˚C (66/53 ˚F) in the summer. Winter is in July and gives an average in the North of 14/7 ˚C (58/45 ˚F) and 10/3 ˚C (50/37 ˚F) in the south.

Skiing and winter sports attractions are best from July – September and the high season of Summer from December – March ideal for boating activities and attractions. The middle shoulder months are also great for visiting still with plenty of things to do, with the autumn offering not too hot weather and plenty of autumn colors, and spring being relatively warm and less crowded. New Zealand's diverse climate makes it the perfect destination for year-round activities, making it one of the best places to visit for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers alike.

New Zealand offers coastal walking and hiking activities and things to do with natural attractions
New Zealand has many stunning natural attractions ideal for hiking activities year round. This isolated beach in New Zealand's North Island, showcases the unique dark sand, contrasting with the warm hues of the setting sun. The rocks and hills on either side add to the rugged and natural beauty of the beach. The hilly area in the foreground provides a picturesque setting with truly beautiful walking tracks. A great thing to do while watching the golden light of the sunset casting a warm glow over the entire scene highlighting the natural beauty and serenity of New Zealand's North Island beaches.

New Zealand Economy and Governance

New Zealand is a top destination for adventure and tourism, known for its advanced market economy and political stability. Ranked third in the 2020 Index of Economic Freedom, the country boasts a high-income economy with a nominal gross domestic product (GDP) per capita of US$36,254. The currency used is the New Zealand dollar, informally known as the "Kiwi dollar."

New Zealand is a constitutional monarchy under England, with the Queen being the head of state. However, the country effectively governs itself through its parliamentary system, with a Prime Minister leading the government. The public votes every three years, which often results in a change in government. New Zealand is known for being a trailblazer in social progress, being the first country in the world to give women the vote in 1893, which is an important part of the country's history and culture. With a stable economy and political system, New Zealand is a top destination with many attractions and activities offering well run and professional things to do for tourism and investment, making it a top choice for visitors and investors alike.

A great thing to do is to visit the Beehive, the parliamentary building in Wellington, New Zealand.
The parliamentary building in Wellington has a unique architectural design that gives it the name ‘The Beehive’. The flags of countries are visible at the top, adding to the sense of national pride and significance of the building. Visiting this building is one of the popular things to do in Wellington along with the famous restaurants and cafes that abound in the area.

Māori Culture

New Zealand is a top destination with many things to do for adventure and tourism, but also known for its rich cultural heritage and history. The indigenous inhabitants of the country are the Māori, who originally came from the eastern Polynesian islands and arrived in New Zealand in several waves of canoe voyages between 1250 and 1300. Māori settled the islands and developed a distinct culture over several hundred years offering unique historical attractions and activities around the country.

Their oral history tells of a long voyage from Hawaiki in large ocean-going canoes (waka). There are many cultural attractions where waka can be viewed. Māori mythology has many gods and heroes, sharing some Polynesian themes. Central to many cultural events is the marae, where families and tribes gather for special occasions, such as pōwhiri or tangi. These can be experienced if you search under art, culture and heritage activities and look for these cultural experiences in New Zealand. Māori often call themselves "tangata whenua" (people of the land), placing particular importance on a lifestyle connected to land and sea. Communal living, sharing, and living off the land are strong traditional values.

The distinct values, history, and worldview of Māori are expressed through traditional arts and skills such as haka, tā moko, waiata, carving, weaving, and poi and visiting cultural centers amongst other historical things to do is a must when visiting New Zealand. The concept of tapu (meaning taboo or sacred) is also a strong force in Māori culture, applied to objects, people, or even mountains.

Visiting New Zealand and experiencing the rich culture of the Māori people is a must-do for any traveler. With so much to offer, New Zealand is a top destination for adventure seekers and culture enthusiasts alike.

A culturally significant Maori rock carving attraction in Lake Taupo accessible by most boating activities
A culturally significant huge Maori rock carving attraction in Lake Taupo, accessible by most boating activities in the area depicts a traditional Maori face with intricate tattoos, carved into a vertical cliff face of an island. The intricate details of the carving, showcase the skill and craftsmanship of the Maori carvers. The location of the carving, on a vertical cliff face, adds to the sense of the significance of the carving and the natural surroundings. This attraction to be visited by boat is one of the top things to do in Taupo. The carving depicts an important cultural heritage of the Maori people and a representation of the Maori's rich history and connection to the land.

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New Zealand volcanic landscape offering unique attractions and things to do in the North Island
New Zealand is known for its incredible volcanic landscape offering unique attractions in the North Island with snow-capped cone-shaped mountains surrounded by magnificent natural landscapes filled with many activities and things to do. Stunning photo opportunities are attractions themselves showing the snow here contrasting against the vibrant hues of the sky, the purple, pink, yellow, and dark blue colors add to the drama and beauty of the scene and the small reflective lake in the foreground adds to the serene and peaceful atmosphere. The native tundra surrounding the mountain adds to the natural beauty of the image. New Zealand offers natural grandeur and beauty with its many mountains, showcasing the raw and untamed nature that is New Zealand.